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VW 50180

Applied Technical Services offers VW 50180 standard testing to evaluate the emissions behavior of automobile interior parts. The VW/Audi 50180 method outlines the procedure for analyzing air quality by identifying VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), as well as testing for formaldehyde content, odor and fogging behavior. VOCs can often be emitted at room temperature and tend to compromise the air quality of vehicle interiors, as they can pose potential health risks to people and the environment when present at high levels.  The 50180 method provides evaluation criteria for the use of low-emission materials in passenger compartments and trunks, which aid in determining whether these manufactured components satisfy OEM regulations.

Our VW 50180 Testing Capabilities
All VW method 50180 procedures are carried out by our skilled automotive testing personnel, who operate specialized equipment to attain accurate and decisive results. ATS can perform VW 50180 testing on a variety of vehicle interior materials, such as plastics, textiles, artificial leather, composites, and sub-assemblies. Our lab personnel follow the relevant standards set for the wide range of VOC tests that we offer.
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