ATS' Chemical Analysis Lab is Highly Experienced in Performing Particle Size Analysis

Particle Size Analysis Labs with ATS

Applied Technical Services is a respected particle size analysis lab, capable of determining the size distribution in a variety of powder and liquid samples. Our chemists perform this analysis to characterize the specimen and qualify it for use in an array of manufacturing purposes, including additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy, the application of powder coatings, and the injection molding of components.
Metallic and polymeric powders have a variety of characteristics that influence their usefulness as production materials. The size and shape of each particle can alter important performance qualities such as flow rates, packing density, and thermal conductivity — each of which, in turn, affect the performance qualities of the final product. ATS’ chemical analysis division helps manufacturers determine whether their powder has been formulated in such a way that it will display desired characteristics. We accomplish this by performing a method called laser diffraction.

How We Use Laser Diffraction

The method works by firing a laser at a sample mounted behind a focusing lens. As light waves from the laser hits the sample, they diffract around the particles and scatter until hitting the focal point where it makes a pattern. The sensor within the focal point measures the intensity of the light from the center of the pattern, allowing an algorithm to determine the size of the particles hit by the laser. Our advanced equipment can yield measurements ranging from .02 µm to 2.8 mm, allowing our expert chemists to precisely report on the sample’s particle size distribution with respect to the mean, median, and range of their sizes.
ATS performs particle size analysis in accordance with ASTM B822. Our team of highly skilled chemists compare the test results to a wide range of industry standards, depending on the application. We are also able to meet clients’ custom testing needs and can work to develop test programs tailored to specific project requirements.

ATS: Trusted Particle Size Analysis

Since our founding in 1967, Applied Technical Services has delivered testing, engineering consulting, and inspection services of the highest quality. The 50+ years since then have seen us grow to serve clients all around the world who hail from a variety of industries. Of the long list that we regularly serve with our chemical analysis capabilities, those industries that most benefit from our services as a particle size analysis lab include:
Quality as a Priority
ATS holds providing quality services as a priority and a core value. Our quality management system is ISO 9001 registered to help us achieve that goal. This distinction illustrates not only that our procedures reflect the internationally recognized standards outlining effective quality management practices, but also that a third-party auditor affirms that we competently and consistently execute these policies when serving our clientele. Adhering to these principles empowers ATS to continually improve upon the quality of services we provide and keeps us accountable to our clients.

We employ a variety of measures to help ensure a positive customer experience. ATS testing experts submit clear, accurate, and detailed reporting within a short turnaround window to allow clients to make timely but well-informed decisions concerning the results of their testing. When customers reach out with questions about either the status or results of our analysis, the ATS customer service team connects them with relevant technicians to get answers. We ensure that our personnel remain accessible to our clientele, responsive to their needs, and fully engaged in helping them secure a solution.

If your company needs the services of a respected particle size analysis lab, contact ATS today for a quote — We take a closer look!

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