ASTM E606 Fatigue Testing

Applied Technical Services offers ASTM E606 fatigue testing for clients needing fatigue testing at low and high cycles.

What is Fatigue Testing?

Fatigue testing is a specialized form of mechanical testing that determines a material’s ability to endure cyclic fatigue loading conditions. The method helps experts predict the material’s lifespan in specific conditions and evaluate the material’s crack resistance and fatigue strength. Common applications include:

Understanding ASTM E606 Fatigue Testing

ASTM E606 is a strain-controlled fatigue test that determines the fatigue properties of nominally homogenous materials. The standard serves as a guide for fatigue testing performed at high and low cycles and supports various applications, including:

Our fatigue testing services benefit numerous industries, including:

Our Fatigue Testing Testing Services

The progressive effects of fatigue can prove problematic to the performance, quality, and safety of products and materials. ATS’ fatigue testing services are important tools for investigating, analyzing, and preventing material fatigue. We provide high cycle and low cycle testing for composites, metals, and polymers and conduct tests in accordance with the following ASTM standards.

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