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Cyclic Fatigue Testing

Cyclic fatigue testing is one of the many services offered by Applied Technical Services’ Mechanical Testing department. Our advanced laboratory is fully equipped to assist clients in verifying their material or equipment’s compliance with applicable standards and specifications. We also offer failure analysis, metallurgical analysis, chemical analysis, and more.

When a component operates under conditions where it is repeatedly loaded, it can experience cracking or fracturing which can lead to failure. To prevent such failures, companies often send their equipment to testing labs such as ATS to perform fatigue testing and provide valuable insight into real-life performance. Our lab offers tests to common standards, such as ASTM and SAE, as well as fully custom specifications.
The goal of any fatigue test is to determine how well a product or material can withstand cyclic fatigue loading forces. To execute a fatigue test, our test technicians place test materials in a specialized fatigue testing machine that activates a constant loading and unloading force. Tests can be run to either a specified cycle count or until failure. These loading cycles are designed to simulate fatigue initiation and propagation over time rather than isolated overload events that would cause immediate failure. Our technicians can adjust the load, speed, number of cycles, and environmental factors like temperature according to the desired testing specification.

ATS Fatigue Test Machine Capabilities

Cyclic fatigue tests can vary in frequency from high-cycle to low-cycle. High-cycle fatigue (HCF) tests often have many thousands or millions of cycles and are designed for low amplitude and high frequency. Components subjected to high-cycle testing can experience elastic deformation, where the material can recover its original shape. Conversely, Low-cycle fatigue (LCF) tests typically have hundreds or a few thousand cycles and are characterized by high amplitude and low frequency. Components in low-cycle testing often experience plastic deformation, meaning that they are permanently deformed.

Superior Service Quality and Accurate Results
As a premier testing and inspection service provider, Applied Technical Services has been assisting clients in numerous industries for decades. All our departments adhere to stringent standards under our ISO certified quality program to maintain a high level of service quality.
We know the value of testing components for failure prevention. For more details about our cyclic fatigue testing services, call us today. You can expect short turnaround windows, detailed reporting, and helpful client support. ATS — We take a closer look!

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