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Applied Technical Services’ Mechanical Testing department offers an extensive list of services, including spring fatigue testing. Our experts test springs of all types for multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, military, nuclear, and consumer products.

About Spring Fatigue Testing
Springs are commonly used in a wide variety of applications; however, they can become overly stressed due to any one or a combination of factors, including material type and operating conditions. Fatigue can cause initial micro cracks to form which then propagate over time —leading to compromised performance and potential failure of the spring. Spring failures can result in lost productivity, unwanted expenses, and pose serious safety risks.

Factors that can affect fatigue performance:

Spring fatigue tests are designed to measure a spring’s ability to withstand forces from cyclic loading. Typically, to ensure their performance, these tests are designed to be more rigorous than the real-world application where the spring will actually be used. To execute a fatigue test, ATS’ technicians place springs in a specialized machine which loads and unloads the spring at a predetermined length, force, and number of cycles. Springs can be tested in either extension or compression.

Companies often submit their springs to a third-party testing laboratory, such as ATS, to perform fatigue testing and verify longevity and performance. Our mechanical testing lab is fully equipped to perform tests ranging from common industry standards, such as ASTM and SAE, all the way to custom specifications.
Your Provider for Fatigue Testing and More

Applied Technical Services has stood by providing excellent service quality in testing and inspection services for over 50 years. Our clients can always expect helpful customer support, accurate results, and detailed reporting. To more effectively assist our clients, we perform our services according to our ISO certified quality management program. In addition to fatigue testing, we also offer failure analysis, metallurgical analysis, chemical analysis, and much more.

We know the importance of taking a proactive approach to spring failure prevention. Contact ATS today for a free quote and more details on spring fatigue testing. ATS — We take a closer look!

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