ASTM Paint Adhesion Testing

How well a paint sticks to a substrate depends on the interaction between the two materials during the application. The strength of the bond between the substrate and the paint dictates how well it will withstand the characteristics of its immediate surroundings. Implications of adhesive strength are not easily observable by the naked eye. Therefore, ASTM paint adhesion testing is necessary to determine whether paint will perform in accordance with industry standards during its functioning life.

Paint adhesion testing determines what the minimum amount of duress required is to cause the adhesion to fail. At ATS we also offer coating failure analysis testing, working with various industries including but not limited to, automotive, military, nuclear, textile, consumer products, and government infrastructure.

ASTM Paint Adhesion Testing Methods and Standards

There are three primary paint adhesion tests we perform in assessing the resistance of paints:
Applied Technical Services
Our experts conduct ASTM paint adhesion testing in compliance with the international standards established by the American Society for Testing Materials and the International Standardization Organization. At Applied Technical Services, we pride ourselves on our continual pursuit towards the improvement of quality standards and adhere to A2LA Accredited standard testing methods.

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