Adhesion Pull Test

Why Use Coatings?

Coatings are used to protect equipment (especially outdoor equipment) from environmental hazards like moisture and corrosive agents. Unprotected equipment stands likely to fail sooner due to corrosion than pieces outfitted with a continuous and uniform coating. That said, not all coatings adhere to their substrates in the same way due to various factors such as reactions occurring between the substrate and the coating, the condition of the substrate, or the environmental conditions during the coating application. Many companies subject their products and equipment to adhesion testing to make sure that their coating will remain intact and effective. Third-party testing companies, like Applied Technical Services, Inc., will use methods like the adhesion pull test to analyze the effectiveness of your coatings.

What is Adhesion, Exactly?

Pull-off adhesion testing provides a qualitative value that expresses how well the coating stuck to its substrate. This type of test can be used to find the failure point of the coating, a quantifiable value that conveys the amount of force needed to separate the coating from its substrate. The adhesion pull test is a popular method of testing both the adequacy of a coating’s adhesion and its failure point.

About the Method

Although applicable to almost any type of coating, the method can only be performed on a flat sample due to the procedure involved; a technician glues an object (known as a dolly or stud) onto the coating, and uses a machine to pull on it at a perpendicular angle while applying increasing, uniform load. Depending on the type of desired results, the machine will either pull until the stud detaches completely (to determine the absolute failure point) or stop when it reaches a predetermined force without causing breakage to the surface layer of the coating (to apply a pass/fail judgment according to industry standards).

The process is covered in detail by ASTM standard D4541 and ISO standard 4624. ATS’ technicians are thoroughly experienced in performing this test method to both of the above, internationally recognized standards.
ATS and the Adhesion Pull Test

For over 50 years, ATS has provided reliable testing, engineering consulting, and inspection services to clients from a variety of industries. Our technicians perform two other types of adhesion testing as appropriate for the circumstances, and our lab offers nearly two dozen other testing methods (for which we are A2LA accredited) related to coatings. ATS offers accurate results within a quick turn-around window utilizing our calibrated tools handled by veteran technicians. Our extensive coatings testing experience makes our lab particularly qualified to handle your adhesion testing needs -find out what we can do for you today.

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