Coating Weight and Thickness Testing

Coating Weight Thickness Testing

ATS performs coating weight and thickness testing to determine the mass of anodized aluminum, phosphated, chromated, painted, and aluminized or galvanized steel for comparison with specification requirements.

In addition to the natural barrier protection of the coating, zinc on iron or steel also provides sacrificial protection against corrosion, the degree of protection being proportional to the thickness or the weight of the coating. A variety of specifications provide different classes of coating so our customers should select the coating weight that is most suitable for the environment (industrial, marine, rural, tropical, etc.) and their product’s application.

One of the most common zinc coatings is Class G90, which has 0.9 oz/sq. ft. (total both sides of the sheet) or about 0.80 mils per side. The typical applications of galvanized sheet steel are in car bodies, appliances, corrugated roofing, garage doors and duct work.  

ATS maintains ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation to perform the following relevant standards:

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