Nondestructive Roof Moisture Survey and Building Envelope Scans

Dedicated Roof and Hydro-Solutions, LLC (DRH) employs certified infrared thermographers and utilizes other roof moisture and thermal, leak detection means to identify problem areas for our clients and projects. That includes:

There are two components important to these technologies. First is the data collection using trained personnel and the proper equipment. Second is the analysis of the field data obtained. If either are improperly done the use of the data is likely to provide less than desirable results.

Properly obtained and analyzed data and information gathered from these testing methods can assist with determining quality of workmanship for newly placed construction, any compromise to performance or life span for existing buildings, potential problems, compromising leaks, and energy savings. Infrared and nuclear roof testing are established methods with a consensus based standard for identifying captured moisture in flat roofs, and breaches in the building envelope and thermal barriers. Capacitance/Impedance testing and Electric vector field mapping are also established methods to determine problem areas. Consensus based standards for the field testing using that equipment are not yet complete. All the test methods mentioned above, and especially infrared roof moisture surveying, can eliminate repair down time or production interruptions, and assist property management companies and building owners to find roof problems both before or after they manifest as an operating defect.

Whenever a building or structure is purchased, sold or leased, it is imperative to perform infrared moisture survey due to the high cost of replacing damaged roofs. Utilizing infrared aids in developing a sufficient roof maintenance plan, budget forecasting, and knowledgeable decisions when repairs or replacement is necessary. Scanning the envelope can likewise discover unknowns that cannot be seen any other way.

DRH’s building envelope non-destructive testing of commercial or institutional building roofs is an economical method to reveal flaws or irregularities. Our informative and detailed reports document trapped moisture or voids confirming required maintenance, repairs or replacement for our building owner or property management clients. DRH’s reports are useful for verification of inspection and roof product warranty coverage. Infrared allows DRH to provide well-detailed documentation so that our clients can make smart and informative decisions about their properties.

Infrared and other non-destructive testing is required by most major roof manufacturers prior to any roof recovery project.

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