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Dedicated Roof and Hydro-Solutions, LLC (DRH) is a reputable registered roof consultant (RRC) firm that advises and directs clients concerning water entry and roof failure analysis, roof life performance and management planning, preventable hazards, reduced operating costs, and energy savings. Our detailed planning includes conventional roof inspections, preventative maintenance procedures, protocol development and overall management plans. Additionally, we provide written scopes of work to resolve the root cause of problems discovered, and offer both material and contractor options for bidding to obtain the best possible value and quality oriented contractors, which will deliver solutions that perform as expected. Each project is approached as a unique case where we deploy only the means, methods, and tests that provide value to the project. Since 1997 we have provided a similar approach and philosophy to exterior wall, weather/air barrier, deck, and subgrade waterproofing aspects of the building envelope.

It is important to determine the condition of all roofs on a regular basis to avoid leaks, failures, and to increase their longevity. This results in cost savings and increased occupant comfort. Periodic review of sealant, mortar and fenestration conditions is of equal value. Other issues of importance include operating production, and/or safety requirements as an overall thorough plan for building exterior and roofs. Most importantly, when a problem occurs it is important to determine the root cause of the problem and not simply replace a product or patch an opening. As an example, removal of latent moisture from a roof leak will avoid additional leaks and enhance roof performance. Our experience and working knowledge of roof manufacturers and systems add an advantage to you and your roof, since we can determine whether it is a simple leak or a systemic warranty related issue. Our experience of resolving water entry issues at the building envelope is similar and approached in a unique manner for each building or building exterior component.

In new construction, having a qualified design, prominent materials, and competent installation are essential to prevent unavoidable charges, increased operating costs, and code violations. It is crucial from the beginning to the end that our customer’s concerns are aided by applicable design, development and management with a priority on quality assurance. Our review and consultant input during design development, submittal, and construction phases provide added benefits by providing material options, helping avoid future maintenance costs, and giving assurance that the construction team has provided the value and quality expected and specified.

Roof and Building Exterior Water Entry and Failure Analysis
Roof and Building Exterior Condition Analysis and Repair or Replacement Scope Development

Roof Repair and Replacement Bid Packages for Your Existing Building Problems and Experienced Knowledgeable Consultant Input, Commissioning Oversight, and Quality Assurance for Your New Construction Projects

Dedicated Roof and Hydro-Solutions (DRH) was formed in July 1997 by David R. Hawn, FRCI, RRC, CEM, BEP, CSPD, CEA. Dedicated Roof and Hydro-Solutions, LLC Is now a part of the Applied Technical Services family of companies. The firm consists of three full time Registered Roof Consultant’s as recognized by RCI, Inc. (formerly the Roof Consultants Institute). Roof, waterproofing, and building envelop problem resolution, investigations, testing, and roof management planning are special areas of expertise offered by DRH. Mr. Hawn has been providing water entry and roof consulting services since 1982 throughout the United States and Overseas. All Three consultants at DRH offer a combined experience of over 90 years. DRH consultants David R. Hawn, Richard L. Wagner, and John M. Ogaitis each have over 25 years experience providing roofing, waterproofing, and building envelope solutions to multiple clients in various environments, and work well as team members for major projects. Rick and John have been with DRH for over 10 years. In addition, David R. Hawn was a PSC to A/FBO/ OPS/FAC, 1998 through 2000, earning an Exemplary Honor Award in March 2000 for work on US government owned buildings overseas at various locations.

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