Lightning Protection Services

Lightning Protection Services

ATS provides a variety of lightning protection services such as the installation, inspection, and repair of client lightning protection systems. 

Defense Against the Elements

Lightning is an incredibly powerful natural phenomenon that happens with shocking regularity — roughly 100 times per second, every day around the world. According to insurance statistics, it causes an average $108 million per year in damage to non-residential properties like offices and manufacturing centers in the United States alone. This figure includes both the structural damage caused by the direct lightning strike and the indirect electrical damage suffered by under-protected equipment.

Because financial losses like these can cripple a business, most will install some type of lightning protection system to minimize or completely avoid lightning damage to their properties and their electrical and mechanical equipment. To support those clients who need to protect their assets from lightning damage, ATS provides a variety of lightning protection system services.

ATS Lightning Protection Services


ATS’ consulting engineers perform visual inspections to help clients determine if the lightning protection systems were properly designed and installed, and to document the current condition of the systems so that they continue to function as designed.

We establish yearly inspection schedules according to industry standards like NFPA 780, or we may recommend more frequent observations depending on the condition of the system. With routine observations, ATS can identify problems earlier and take preventative maintenance actions to help minimize the chance of damage from a lightning strike event.


After years of exposure to the elements, a significant weather event, or various trades working on and around the roof, lightning protection systems become damaged. When our inspectors discover a pressing issue in a client’s system, they may recommend repair. Whether responding to a single identified defect or multiple, our consulting engineers come prepared with both the knowledge and tools to perform repairs on our clients’ lightning protection systems.


Whether an existing system is at the end of its useful service life, a facility is undergoing a roof replacement project, or a facility does not yet have a lightning protection system in place, ATS can serve clients by designing a complete system and performing lightning protection system installation services.

Industry Standards

ATS observes the following lightning protection standards as we serve our clients:

About Applied Technical Services

Since 1967, ATS has provided engineering consulting, inspection, and testing services of unmatched quality. Over the 50+ years since our inception, we have expanded our customer base to include businesses that operate across the world and within a range of industries. Although we serve businesses of all types and every company can benefit from lightning protection, the following industries may find these services more critical than others:

ATS and Quality Assurance
At ATS, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality. To ensure that we provide quality in every service and every customer interaction, we diligently follow our ISO 9001 certified quality management system. By observing the internationally recognized quality assurance principles outlined in the standard and executing them to our company-specific criteria, we ensure that our clients receive:

If your Atlanta-based company needs comprehensive support services for your lightning protection system, contact ATS today — we take a closer look.

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