Corrosion Lab

Metals will degrade over time if exposed to weathering factors like moisture and salinity. These stimuli will cause gradual decomposition in metals; the phenomenon is called corrosion. Manufacturers need to know how long their materials will retain a passing structural performance under expected environmental conditions. To determine their materials’ resistance to various types of corrosion, clients send samples to Applied Technical Services’ corrosion lab for testing.

Different alloys will react to different weathering forces in different ways; responses will vary because surface treatment and metal composition will vary between materials. Our experienced technicians use a variety of test methods to discover how sample alloys hold up under environmental conditions similar to their intended use, and then help clients decide on the most relevant material to use in their product. ATS’ corrosion lab accomplishes these tasks by performing the following tests to their relevant standards:

Corrosion Lab Capabilities
Condensing Humidity Testing: simulate damage accumulated over time from outdoor moisture

Copper Accelerated Acetic-Salt Spray (CASS) Testing: specialized cyclic corrosion test used on copper, nickel and chromium coatings or decorative features intended for use in severe conditions

Cyclic Corrosion Testing: subjects test materials to repeating rounds of salt spray testing, while controlling for moisture levels and ambient temperature
Cyclic Immersion Testing: repeatedly dunking the test materials into corrosive liquid, letting them dry, and then dunk again for several cycles

Filiform Corrosion Testing: salt spray method specialized to discover coated metals’ resistance to a specific kind of corrosive attack

Salt Spray / Fog Testing: subject sample materials to long-term exposure in highly corrosive environment (high salinity, controlled temperature and humidity)
ATS and Corrosion Testing

ATS has provided testing, engineering consulting, and inspection services of peerless quality for over 50 years. We serve the needs of clients that come from a range of industries and operate around the world. Our technicians return accurate results promptly due to availability of numerous test chambers and their familiarity with performing various methods of testing to their relevant standards. ATS can help determine how your materials hold up to corrosive forces — let us take a closer look.

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