corrosion testing services

Applied Technical Services offers corrosion testing services to assist clients in estimating projected product life cycles or for determining compliance to current industry standards.  Corrosion testing is a crucial factor to consider for any prudent manufacturer before materials and products are placed in use.  As a preventative measure, corrosion testing is a cost-effective and time saving approach for a great number of industries.  At ATS we abide by ASTM standards for recognized and trusted compliance testing.

Our corrosion testing services methodically evaluate materials, coatings and platings in order to assist clients in making crucial decisions on design, processes and production, and life cycle.  Our technicians consistently perform testing during product research and development stages with an emphasis on quality and accurate results.  With industry and material specific testing methods, ATS delivers vital data that is essential for our clients to lessen the risks associated with corrosion to their final product.  In addition to corrosion testing services provided in our environmental simulation labs, our metallurgy department conducts root cause analysis on corrosion related failures. Our testing and data collection meet standard requirements listed in established industry specifications that include:

The ATS corrosion testing lab is often called on by both domestic and international clients. Typically, clients are interested in learning mission-critical information regarding the corrosion resistance levels of their selected coatings and products. As part of their dedication to quality, ATS completes rigorous tests in accordance with a wide variety of ASTM standards. The following ASTM corrosion testing standards are used:

For companies that strive to be in the forefront of their respective industries, an informative understanding of the resistance levels of coatings and products they use is critical to their business.  Domestic and international clients utilize ATS for corrosion testing services knowing that we are committed to quality assurance, with meticulous analysis in accordance with ASTM standards.

Corrosion Testing Services Standards:

For over five decades, ATS has provided an ever expanding assortment of environmental simulation tests, including corrosion testing services.  ATS’ standing across various industries as a company that provides accurate data in an understandable format and in rapid time, positions us as a leader in the testing industry.  ATS provides corrosion testing services to a diverse range of companies in aerospace/aviation, automotive, medical equipment, commercial construction, consumer products, military/defense, nuclear, power generation, steel and aluminum, general manufacturing, and welding and fabrication industries.  Our lab is equipped with up-to-date high-tech instrumentation which allows us to deliver precise findings, conclusive results, and solutions for our clients.

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