Sand and Dust Testing

sand and dust testing

Sand and Dust Testing

Applied Technical Services provides Sand and Dust Testing capabilities through our environmental testing laboratory. Sand and Dust Testing is a means of evaluating the long-term survivability of materials and devices in dusty and sandy environments such as plains and deserts. The testing procedures examine potential mechanical, electrical, and thermal issues due to dust and sand penetrating crevices and cracks, obstructing openings, and disrupting joints and bearings. Military standard 810 defines dust particles to be less than 150 micrometers in diameter and sand particles as 150-850 micrometers in diameter.

Testing Procedures

The experts within our environmental testing laboratory have experience conducting Sand and Dust testing daily. Sand and Dust Testing is broken down into two procedures:

Once the two procedures have been completed, ATS experts will examine the device or material for any issues such as thermal and electrical performance, visible damage such as paint chipping or abrasions, as well as overall performance to respective standards.

The ATS Environmental Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services has been providing testing services for more than 50 years. Our technicians are dedicated to providing reliable and accurate results in a quick turn-around time. Our environmental testing lab performs testing daily to the following standards:

Quality Assured

Applied Technical Services has been dedicated to providing our clients with unparalleled customer service for more than half a century. As a part of our dedication, ATS labs are certified and accredited with the following:

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