Material Qualification

Material Qualification

To maximize clients’ confidence in their product materials’ quality, Applied Technical Services performs a wide range of testing methods for material qualification efforts. Members of the aerospace, nuclear, and automotive industries trust ATS to accurately report the performance properties of their materials.

Material Qualification Through Performance Testing

While no business should settle for less than the best, there are certain industries that absolutely demand top quality in their production materials because of the safety aspect and therefore the danger involved in the use of substandard materials. Industries like nuclear, aerospace and automotive must consider the extreme circumstances under which their product will be expected to perform flawlessly — lives are at stake.

Applied Technical Services strives to provide the certainty that companies in these and similar lines of work need to ensure the safety and quality of their product. We perform various methods of material qualification testing to determine the important performance characteristics in clients’ product materials.

Weathering: determining the approximate lifespan of materials in simulation as compared to expected performance in the field; potentially destructive testing that may lead to any number of chemical or physical failures
Vibration: subjecting materials or component parts to an array of vibration patterns to make sure it can withstand foreseeable conditions during transportation and use without accruing damage or fatigue failures
Corrosion: finding materials’ resistance to corrosion — a chemical reaction of metals (and some polymers) to adverse environmental agents, which causes deterioration over time
Ingress Protection: ensuring enclosed components only allow permissible amounts of water or solids inside; performance often depends on material, judged on a grading scale
Coatings Analysis: measuring the various characteristics of the coatings protecting substrate materials on client products
ATS and Quality Assurance

We offer these material qualification services and more. ATS has provided expert testing, inspection, and engineering consulting services for over five decades. We proudly assist clients from around the world with their variety of needs — from chemical analysis to tool calibration to material qualification.

Our team of technicians perform each of the above testing methods to their relevant standards and returns accurate findings quickly. If the quality and performance of your production materials must be unquestionable, you can rely on the expertise of ATS personnel to deliver the insight you need — we take a closer look.

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