Two Technicians Loading a Sample Into a Thermal Chamber

Environmental Testing Labs

Clients send samples of product components to environmental testing labs like Applied Technical Services to verify that they perform according to expectations. As one of the foremost environmental testing services providers in the United States, ATS technicians bring cumulative decades of expertise conducting these methods to their relevant standards.
Environmental Stimuli
Our labs subject client samples to a variety of environmental agents that the final product must endure. These may include any one or more of the following:
Regularly Requested Methods
ATS’ environmental testing division simulates and accelerates these effects using a variety of advanced equipment. Our lab offers access to everything from walk-in thermal chambers to free-fall drop testers to seismic shakers. Furthermore, we can fabricate custom fixtures to either perform accelerated life cycle testing or facilitate other methods of analysis.
With this wide range of equipment at our disposal, ATS technicians perform the following methods of environmental testing:
Common Applications
Clients contact ATS to perform these tests for many applications, nearly as varied as the companies they represent and the samples they send. Some of the most common applications for the above testing methods include but are not limited to:
Standards and Specifications
The technicians that staff our labs have vast experience performing environmental testing methods to relevant standards. Our staff regularly performs testing in compliance with standards published by the following organizations, as well as client specifications:
Industries Served
ATS serves a range of industries with our wide array of environmental testing capabilities. They come to us because our lab can help qualify coatings for use in production, determine the life span of an assembly, and dozens of other applications. Companies from the following industries regularly work with our environmental testing division to determine the characteristics and performance of their samples:
ATS: Outstanding Among Environmental Testing Labs
Applied Technical Services offers testing, inspection, and consulting engineering capabilities of peerless quality. We have benefited from vast growth since our founding in 1967. Once upon a time, ATS consisted of three engineers working out of the founder’s basement to aid businesses in the local community. Today, we are a multidisciplinary firm dedicated to answering the needs of clients the world over with the services of over 1,000 technicians, scientists, chemists, investigators, inspectors, calibrators, and Professional Engineers.
Quality as a Priority
We hold quality as a central tenet of our business practices. For this reason, ATS pursues excellence in the services we provide. We maintain ISO 9001 certification to hold ourselves accountable for the quality of testing we perform for our clientele. Furthermore, our labs hold ISO 17025 accreditation for competency through the A2LA. ATS’ extensive scope of accredited test methods includes several of the environmental testing specifications most commonly requested by the industries we serve.
To ensure our clients enjoy the best experience when working with ATS, we promote good customer service practices within our organization. Our technicians perform all testing in strict accordance with specifications as requested by the client. They yield accurate, clear, and detailed reporting within a short turnaround window. When clients call in with questions — regarding either the status or the results of their testing — one of our customer service representatives will facilitate contact with the most appropriate lab personnel. These technicians remain open and available for client outreach, responsive to their needs, and engaged in helping them achieve a solution to their problems.
If your company needs environmental testing services from one of the most dependable labs in the country, contact Applied Technical Services today — We take a closer look!

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