Mold and the Need for Safe Removal

PENTA Engineering Group, LLC performs mold assessment and remediation management services for clients dealing with mold problems in their commercial or institutional buildings, industrial facilities, and multi-family or bank-owned residential properties. Handling mold can take time, effort, and a great many steps, but PENTA assists during every phase of a client’s mold removal project.

A pervasive fungus that thrives in wet conditions, mold exists in some volume everywhere — both indoors and out. It creates spores that can produce irritations such as clogged sinuses, strenuous breathing, and raw throat when inhaled. Long-term exposure or exposure to large amounts of mold can cause more serious, chronic conditions. Companies failing to provide clean, breathable air in their facilities create unsafe conditions; this makes employees, customers, and industry oversight bodies unhappy. PENTA helps our clients fight these growths where they appear by offering our expertise in mold assessment and remediation.
Preliminary Determination and Assessment
Our experienced indoor environmental professionals (IEPs) investigate client sites for any trace of mold. When a client complains of a potential mold growth, they respond quickly to learn what section of the facility is affected and surmise the problem’s origin. Their assessment thoroughly examines the area in question to detect any indication of mold. Once they have done so, these specialists will glean the extent of the growth and any discernible cause for its presence. They document their findings with photographic evidence. PENTA’s inspection team then uses their reporting to plan their next steps with the property owners. Our IEPs help clients create and enact appropriate, cost-effective response actions to deal with any mold growths observed in their assessment.
Mold assessments are primarily visual inspections. Sometimes clients do not know the scope of areas affected or cannot identify likely causes in their facility. In times like these, our team can perform more advanced methods of analysis, such as site drainage evaluations or moisture source investigations. The process may call for inspectors to access areas that are not usually visible, such as behind drywall — as in the case of a building envelope inspection.
Clients may request a mold assessment for many reasons, including:
Remediation and Related Services
Once PENTA’s assessment team detects and characterizes mold in a client facility, the time comes to remove the growth. Our IEPs perform a variety of functions, both including and related to mold remediation.
Defining Remediation Protocols
The first thing our IEPs do after completing an initial assessment is to develop a remediation protocol. This plan lays out the steps needed to safely and effectively remove the mold growth. A typical protocol specifies items such as what elements to dry before work, how to clean moldy items, which personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used, and what containment measures should be taken, among other considerations.
PENTA’s inspection team drafts site-specific remediation protocols to define both the scope of the work and the engineering controls to be used. Our protocols require compliance with the following:
Mold Remediation
The remediation itself follows protocol development. PENTA’s mold removal team performs its work according to the above standards. While the details of each remediation will vary according to its accompanying protocol, certain steps are common to every case.
First, they contain the area with the known growth to minimize unaffected areas’ exposure to mold spores. Items inside the containment area must be protected with plastic covering to prevent cross-contamination. Based on which materials were affected and to what degree, the team will then either clean up or dispose of the moldy item. Our IEPs then treat the origin of the moisture problem to prevent recurring issues. For the same reason, they clean the air in the affected area with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum. This equipment traps mold spores disturbed during the remediation process.
Contractor Selection and Monitoring
If PENTA cannot provide remediation services in-house for any reason, we can instead help clients choose a qualified contractor. We check their credentials and experience to determine whether they best fit our clients’ needs. Furthermore, our Professional Engineers (PEs) can monitor the worksite. They do so to ensure the contractor complies with the remediation protocol and executes it effectively. We hold contractors to the same rigorous standards to which our IEPs abide. Once they complete their work, PENTA notes any additional mold growth on surfaces that were exposed during the removal process.
Post-Remediation Verification
Whether performed in-house or contracted to a capable provider, PENTA makes certain remediation efforts were successful in quelling the mold growth. We do so by performing a final assessment and testing samples. Our team collects both bulk and air samples to find any spores floating in the area or settled on surfaces. They then test these samples to document concentrations remaining in the workspace following removal efforts. PENTA completes the check before allowing occupants back into the area. This way, we can maintain public safety, and they can return to normal functions with no worries of a lingering mold issue.
Comprehensive Mold Assessment and Remediation Services — PENTA's Start-to-Finish Process
Whether requested by general contractors, insurance companies, or our commercial clients, PENTA performs work relevant to every phase of the mold handling process. From initial assessment through remediation and finally to verification, we perform all these services quickly and efficiently to bring the property to a marketable condition.

PENTA Engineering Group, LLC is a consulting engineering firm that serves facilities. We have provided world-class services to real estate investment firms, property developers, managers, and owners across the country since our founding in 1997. To provide the widest range of services possible, we employ a multidisciplinary team of industry professionals, technicians, and PEs. They work cooperatively, drawing on the relevant experience of every member to provide the most comprehensive and effective services available.

If your company needs mold assessment and remediation services performed by an experienced provider, contact PENTA today.

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