Training Services

Training Services

Training Services

Reliability and Failure Analysis Training

Condition Monitoring Training: ATS’ Machinery Monitoring & Diagnostic course provides engineers, mechanics, technicians, and supervisors the knowledge and skills required to correctly identify, prioritize and establish corrective actions for the most common causes of industrial equipment failures. Developed by engineers from various backgrounds with culmination of over 100 years of collective practical experience, this hands-on course provides a proven test and diagnostic methodology that can be applied to all commercial and industrial machinery. Condition monitoring helps enhance the maintenance and reliability program of a facility by allowing the personnel to recognize potential problems and prevent failures.

Failure Analysis Training: Knowledgeable and experienced engineering instructors utilize hands-on examples of failed components, such as fasteners, gears, bearings, shafts, chains and couplings to cover the basic concepts related to corrosion, wear, fatigue, overload failures. The 3-day class sessions are designed for students with varying backgrounds. The course fosters learning and development by:

  • Introducing some basic material properties,
  • Reaching a common understanding of the various causes that contribute to failures,
  • Raising awareness of the prevalence and pervasive nature of human error,
  • Applying these basic concepts to specific components and machinery types.

Rope Access Training

Rope Access Training: ATS provides rope access training and certification courses for individual professionals seeking to enroll in a program to pursue or advance a career working at heights or difficult to reach locations. Each of our five-day classes is SPRAT-compliant accompanied with four sessions of direct instruction and one day for evaluation. Candidates that complete the course and pass the examination receive certification as a SPRAT approved technician that qualifies them to perform rope access work professionally.


NDT Training: ATS offers nondestructive testing classes in many disciplines, including eddy current, magnetic particle, ultrasonics, radiography, penetrant, and visual inspections. NDT Training Classes are designed to attract professional men and women who recognize that their NDT technical accomplishments and certifications can contribute to the overall success of our industry.

Onsite NDT Training: Onsite NDT Training courses are available for presentation at your facility. A course at your facility can not only provide cost savings benefits but be formatted to your specific needs.