Magnetic Particle Testing Training and Certification

Ultrasonic Testing Certification

Applied Technical Services offers several different types of nondestructive testing training and certification courses, including ultrasonic testing certification.
Ultrasonic Testing Training Level I

Level I UT training covers the fundamentals of Ultrasonics, with students participating in practical exercises to gain hands-on experience in areas such as mapping, thickness gauging, and flaw detection. Our Level I ultrasonic testing training and certification course is designed for technicians with limited to no UT experience.

Ultrasonic Testing Training Level I
Level II UT training courses give candidates an advanced course that helps develop and improve practical skills, covering techniques such as weld inspection and bond inspection. Level II ultrasonic testing training is meant for those that have already completed Level I UT training and certification.
Ultrasonic Testing Certification Instructors and Locations
Our Level III NDT instructors have decades of experience and are enthusiastic about equipping candidates with the knowledge and experience necessary to excel with their new certification. Our Marietta, Georgia location is recognized by the ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) as an AEC (Authorized Exam Center) to give students the ability to complete their training and certification exams at the same location. ATS offers several additional types of NDT training and certification at our Greenville, SC and Jacksonville, FL locations as well, including:
Applied Technical Services: Testing and Analysis
ATS has several different specialties, covering everything from IT services to forensic investigation services. Our departments include:

Calibrations: CT scanning, mechanical tool calibrations, thermal equipment calibrations, dimensional calibrations, inspections for aviation equipment, and CMM calibrations

Engineering: mechanical engineering, welding engineering, safety engineering, structural engineering, reliability engineering and testing, safety engineering, and materials engineering

Inspections: NDT inspections, dimensional inspections, weld inspections, fall protection inspections, and safety inspections

IT Consulting: cybersecurity, critical business applications, business process automation, and quality management solutions

Testing and Analysis: NDT testing, chemical analysis, metallurgical analysis, and failure analysis

Forensic Investigations and Litigation Support: forensic litigation support, contamination analysis, black box imaging, fire inspections, industrial accident inspections, 3D site scanning, and accident recreation

Rope Access: SPRAT level 1-3 training and certification, and rope access system inspections

Reliability Training: private and public reliability testing training and certification courses

Testing Standards and Specifications
As one of the nation’s leading TICC (testing, inspection, certification, and compliance) providers, we perform testing to a wide range of standards, including but not limited to those set by the following authorities and organizations:
Applied Technical Services
With over 55 years of TICC experience, ATS has the resources, knowledge, and expertise to equip our training and certification candidates to thrive with their new certifications. We pride ourselves in providing certification for technicians working with some of the most prestigious businesses and organizations and work hard to maintain and improve our exceptional reputation. Contact the ultrasonic testing certification experts at ATS today by clicking here or giving us a call at 1 (888) 287-5227.

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