Macro etch weld cross-section

The Macro Etch Weld Test

The macro etch weld test is one of many weld testing services that Applied Technical Services performs. ATS employs certified weld inspectors, metallurgists, professional engineers, and SNT-TC-1A certified technicians who can provide high-quality weld testing services. We offer testing in accordance with AWS, ASME, API, NAVSEA, and MIL-STD codes and standards, depending on each client’s specific needs.
Macro Etching
Macro etch testing is a mechanical procedure for assessing weld quality. Testing experts perform macro etching on cross-sections removed from weld samples transverse to the weld axis. Inspectors grind and polish the samples, etching the surface of the cross-section with a chemical reagent. This process distinguishes the base metal, heat-affected zone (HAZ), and weld areas for examination while also exposing the material’s flow lines and microstructure. Macro etching allows inspectors to check for numerous weld properties and defects, including porosity, lack of penetration, discontinuities, lack of sidewall fusion, weld size, weld profile, and other structural elements and material characteristics.
The data collected from macro etch weld testing offers benefits for several applications. This test can assist with routine quality checks, welder qualification testing, weld procedure qualifications, and failure analyses, among other functions.
Our Weld Testing Capabilities
ATS offers many types of weld testing, both mechanical and non-destructive. Our weld testing services include:
Our inspectors can evaluate pipes, pressure vessels, valves, bridges, configured components, and other structures for weld quality. We can check for both surface and subsurface flaws, providing detailed data for a wide variety of industries. We can assist our clients with all their weld testing needs.
Our Testing Expertise
Applied Technical Services has provided clients with superior weld testing services for decades. We run a dedicated weld testing lab, offering the best weld testing and qualification services possible. Our experts assist clients with welder qualifications, weld procedure qualifications, and weld inspections. At ATS, our customers’ experience with us takes priority. We uphold several customer service policies to ensure that clients receive high-quality services. Our customer service team puts clients in touch with staff whose expertise is relevant to their specific needs. Our experts deliver detailed, accurate reports and can answer any questions clients may have regarding testing or data.
If you need a macro etch weld test, contact ATS today.

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