Electrical mechanical calibration

Electrical Mechanical Calibration

Applied Technical Services performs Electrical Mechanical Calibration to meet your needs. We bring out standards to your location. 

Mechanical Test Equipment:

Outside, Inside, Depth and Bore Micrometers; Calipers; Height Gauges; Dial, Digital and Test Indicators; Length Scales, Pi-Tapes, Rulers and Tape Measures; Footage Counters; Protractors; Force Gauges; Pressure Gauges and Transducers; Manometers; Magnehelic Pressure Gauges; Surface Finish Testers; Torque Wrenches and Drivers; Vacuum Gauges; Weight Scales; Platform Scales; Triple Beam Scales; Analytical Balances; Moisture Analyzers; XYZ Digital Readouts.

Capacitance Meters; Clamp-On Meters and Probes; Current Shunts; Decade Boxes; ESD Check Systems; Frequency Counters and Generators; Fuel Quantity Test Sets; Gauss Meters; Heat Sealers; High Voltage Test Sets; High Current Test Sets; High Voltage Meters; Hi-pot Testers; Insulation Testers; Magnetic Particle Machines; Meggers; Mega Ohm Meters; Micro Ohm Meters; Multichannel Recorders and Data Loggers; Multifunction Calibrators; Handheld and Benchtop Multimeters; Network Analyzers; Oscilloscopes; Panel Meters, pH Meters; Power Meters; Power Supplies; Process Calibrators; Pyrometers; Rheometers; Resistors; Safety Analyzers; Scope Meters; Signal Generators; Spectrum Analyzers; Stopwatches; Stroboscopes; Tachometers; Temperature Blocks and Baths; Temperature Controllers; Temperature Recorders; Temperature Test Sets; RTD, Thermocouple, Infrared, Surface, Dial, Digital and liquid in glass Thermometers; Watt Meters; Welders and Wire Length Meters.

This is a partial list of our on-site capabilities. Please contact us with any special testing or process equipment that needs to be calibrated in place at your facility.

All calibrations performed in the field are traceable to NIST, The National Institute of Standard and Technology and are performed in accordance with documented and controlled procedures. Our Quality Assurance system complies with the applicable requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 9001, 10CFR50 Appendix B, 10CFR Part 21 and ISO/IEC 17025. Upon request, we can provide calibrations that are accredited to A2LA. Upon completion of our service at your facility you will be provided with Calibration Certificates for all the items calibrated. You can also be set up on our web-based interface, iPortal, which gives you access to electronic copies of Calibration Certificates, asset history and due date reports for your equipment.

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