Coating Analysis Services

ATS' Environmental Testing Group Evaluates the Performance Characteristics of Coatings

Manufacturers rely on paint and coatings for a variety of reasons, both aesthetic and practical. To illustrate — OEMs decorate their cars with paint not only fr corrosion protection but because it makes the product look more appealing while paper mills cover their equipment with coatings to protect their assets from environmental damage. Applied Technical Services analyzes samples to help clients determine the effectiveness of the paints and coatings they employ. Our Environmental Testing technicians characterize the performance qualities of coating samples sent to our lab. Their examination can point out a variety of issues like insufficient adhesion to substrates or change in the quality of gloss after exposure to solar radiation. ATS offers coatings analysis capabilities that include, but are not limited to, the following:

Adhesion Testing
Powder Coating Thickness Testing
Color Gloss Testing

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Our Environmental Testing Group's Coating Analysis Services: