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A Leader Among Consumer Testing Laboratories

Consumer Testing Laboratories, such as Applied Technical Services, certify to popular regulatory standards including CPSC and CA Prop 65.
As a CPSC recognized and accredited Third Party Testing lab, we follow the required testing methodology and procedures to perform compliance testing in accordance with CPSIA guidelines. The various procedures for the item tested are listed below. The method for CPSIA compliance testing varies, and may be found in the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) or ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) procedures. ATS’ consumer testing laboratories are experienced with the following list of the most common relevant tests and procedures:
Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) Testing Requirements
European Testing Requirements
Our Marietta Lab maintains ISO 17025 accreditation through the A2LA to perform each of the above methods to their listed standards. Our lab also holds certification with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), qualifying us to validate client product compliance with the above standards.
If you need an experienced consumer testing lab to perform compliance assessments on your product samples, contact ATS today — We take a closer look!

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