Solar Chamber Exposing Sample to Replicated Sunlight from Behind Glass

Solar Simulation Testing

Applied Technical Services performs solar simulation testing to help clients determine how their design materials react to sunlight over time. The radiation emitted by the sun can cause a variety of unwanted effects on materials exposed for extended periods, ranging from aesthetic changes like fading colors to structural changes like making them brittle and reducing their strength. Manufacturers recognize the need to ensure their products stand up to the rigors demanded of their intended service environment, whether to meet quality assurance, industry standard, or regulatory requirements. They send samples to third-party testing labs like ATS for solar simulation, which allows us to verify the resistance they show to the effects of extended sunlight exposure.
Our Capabilities and Standards
Our environmental testing division performs all our solar simulations. These specialists achieve the precise conditions needed to test samples using advanced equipment, such as our walk-in solar chamber.
This chamber accommodates samples as large as 10ft×10ft×8ft, allowing exposure of both internal and external components at the same time. ATS technicians precisely control for the amounts of radiation from the solar spectrum — i.e., infrared, visible light, and ultraviolet — that they introduce to simulate sunlight exposure in the environment specified in the testing scope. They can also control for other environmental factors to most closely replicate what a product may endure in its intended service conditions, introducing temperatures from -40°C to 80°C and relative humidity from 5% to 95%. Further customization, such as introducing cycles of different conditions or exposing the sample only through glass, are available as relevant to the testing scope.
One thing that sets ATS apart from other solar testing providers is the expertise of our technicians. They regularly perform solar simulations according to DIN 75220, MBN 55555-5, and VDA 230-219, as well as custom client specifications.
About Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services was conceived in 1967 as a group of three engineers serving local businesses from the founder’s basement. Our 50+ years in business have served us well: since our founding, ATS has developed into a testing, inspections, and Professional Engineering services provider of exceptional quality. Our multidisciplinary firm now employs a wide variety of specialists — over 1,000 technicians, inspectors, Professional Engineers, scientists, chemists, investigators, trainers, and calibrators — to answer the needs of clients around the world. Among the many that we serve with our other environmental testing capabilities, ATS’ capacity as an expert solar simulation provider mainly benefits the following industries:
ATS Labs and Lab Experts Deliver Quality Assurance
We perform all our solar simulation testing in our Marietta lab and in accordance with our ISO 9001 certified quality management system. Earning this distinction means ISO-approved auditors assessed our business processes and affirm they align with the internationally recognized standard for effective quality management. Maintaining uninterrupted certified status since initially achieving it in 1998 signifies to clients first that we have dedicated ourselves to providing quality services and second that we continually improve our processes to better serve their needs.
ATS adheres to several policies to ensure our clients enjoy the best customer experience we can deliver. Our testing personnel return clear, accurate, and detailed reporting. They do so within a short turnaround window to enable clients to make timely and informed decisions regarding the results of their testing. If any want to reach out with a question about either the status or findings of testing we provided them, we maintain a team of customer service representatives who receive client outreach. These relationship specialists facilitate contact with the relevant personnel. ATS lab technicians remain accessible to clients reaching out for clarification, responsive to their needs, and engaged throughout the process of helping secure a solution to their problems.
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