Bolt Failure Analysis

Bolt Failure Analysis

Experience counts! ATS’ professional analysts and engineers have inspected and tested thousands of bolts, screws, and fasteners. 

Many manufacturers call on ATS to do batch quality assurance inspections. Our experts will test your product for consistency and quality, giving you peace of mind when your product hits the market. When flaws and weaknesses are identified, our consulting engineering services are available to assist in resolving the issues.

Bolt failure analyses commonly reveal inappropriate installation, inadequate clamping load, poor product selection, material inadequacies, manufacturing flaws, heat treatment deficiencies leading to fatigue fractures, over torque failures, and corrosion issues. ATS’ technically advanced labs have the testing capability to identify the root causes of these bolt failures.

As a consumer, there may be times you need to determine the root cause of a failure. This is particularity true when failure results in personal injury or loss of assets. Our forensic failure analysis team offers a wide variety of services including the initial inspection process, litigation support, and expert witness testimonies.

We Analyze a Wide Range of Bolts:

Popular Testing Techniques and Capabilities:

Most Tests are Performed to the Following Standards:

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