Pump Failure Analysis

Applied Technical Services offers Pump Failure Analysis for various systems and industries. ATS’ Failure Analysis capabilities include identifying design flaws, material makeup, assembly or fabrication defects, and improper installation or use in determining a root cause. 

ATS' Pump Failure Analysis Services

Our capacity to decipher analytical data, and familiarity with various modes of failure produce accurate and conclusive cause and effect analysis.

Our services include evaluating various pump failures, which include water pump failure, hydraulic pump failure analysis, centrifugal pump failure, pump seal failure, hydraulic gear pump failure, pump mechanical seal failure, pump impeller and pump shaft failure. ATS implements industry accepted pump failure analysis techniques under its accredited and ISO 9001 certified quality assurance system.

Our research and evaluations determine if the failure is initiating as a result of deviations from normal operating conditions, or related to improper material selection for the process environment. ATS utilizes comparison samples to identify differences between failed and unaffected pumps. If possible, we make suggestions to prevent repeated failures. Our objective is to provide a thorough pump failure analysis following industry testing standards by delivering the highest level of quality, at the best possible price.

Common Types Of Pumps Tested:

Typical Pump Failure Causes:

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