Forensic Imaging Specialist

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies’ forensic imaging specialist team scans buildings quickly and thoroughly using thermal imaging cameras.
ATS' Forensic Imaging Specialists
The ATS Family of Companies staffs a team of forensic imaging specialists to operate thermal imaging cameras to scan buildings, identifying issues within building envelopes, HVAC systems, or plumbing systems. We locate various damages, including:
Our forensic imaging specialists follow all manufacturing instructions to ensure systems are set up correctly. We require our specialists to complete comprehensive training programs, ensuring the quality and efficiency of our services.
Property and Facility Management
Moisture and Indoor Air Quality
Moisture is present in building envelopes from either condensation or leakage. Though it can raise serious concerns, infrared images detect water damage easily. These images help forensic specialists determine the extent of damage and confirm with moisture meters.
Water Leak, Humidity, and Condensation Detection
Quality Assurance
The ATS Family of Companies supplies clients with unbiased forensic engineering reports, which include conclusive findings, photographs, and diagrams. We perform our forensic engineering services under authoritative engineering boards’ rules and regulations nationwide.
Our forensic engineering laboratory possesses over 100 technology sector vendor approvals and a long list of accreditations, including:
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