Preventing Bearing Failure
Bearing conditions play an integral role in rotating machinery health. A single bearing failure can result in machine shutdown, downtime, and production loss. Numerous factors can contribute to premature bearing failure. Misaligned components can cause abnormal, premature bearing wear. Machinery imbalance can increase the load on bearings and shorten their lifespan, causing premature failure. Insufficient lubrication can also contribute to bearing faults. Reliability Testing Services can detect these issues before a major failure occurs using bearing vibration monitoring.
Detecting Bearing Faults with Vibration Analysis
Vibration analysis is a non-destructive, non-invasive examination method that allows technicians to observe equipment health in detail. This versatile form of predictive testing has numerous applications, commonly addressing bearing problems. Defective bearings produce abnormal vibrations that become increasingly evident as the issue progresses. RTS experts analyze these vibrations to diagnose issues, such as wear, damages, or other miscellaneous tribological issues with plain or roller bearings. We can identify these problems in several types of machinery, including:
Vibration Monitoring Programs
Reliability Testing Services can perform vibration analysis as part of our condition monitoring program services. Vibration-based condition monitoring uses surveillance, testing, and analysis to identify potential issues with bearings, gearboxes, and other components. Monitoring equipment health helps identify changes in machine conditions as they occur, allowing proprietors to plan and schedule maintenance before failure occurs. We can design or supplement a condition monitoring program with our vibration monitoring services. RTS also offers balancing and alignment services to help keep our clients’ equipment running optimally.
RTS Predictive Maintenance
Reliability Testing Services provides predictive maintenance services for commercial and industrial clients. We help clients increase production opportunities by facilitating proactive maintenance rather than running equipment to failure. We can supplement our vibration monitoring services with the following capabilities:
As a leader in predictive maintenance, RTS assists clients from various industries, including manufacturing, power generation, processing, and consumer products. We report clear, accurate, precise data as quickly as possible so our clients can make prompt, informed decisions regarding their equipment. Our customer service team connects customers with relevant experts who can help with their inquiries. If clients have questions at any point, our certified experts remain available to help.
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