Machine Vibration Monitoring

Machine vibration monitoring is a testing method that subjects machinery to varying degrees of vibration to ensure proper functionality. Vibration monitoring helps clients avoid potentially catastrophic machinery failure.
How It Works
Machine vibration monitoring analyzes vibrational inconsistencies in equipment and provides insight into future machine failure by identifying issues such as misalignment, imbalance, bent shafts, pump cavitation, electrical motor faults, gearbox failures, bearing failures, lubrication issues, and mechanical looseness. Regular vibration monitoring helps identify machine degradation in heavily used equipment and allows equipment managers to schedule maintenance at convenient times to avoid the risk of downtime due to mechanical failure. Excessive vibrations can cause damage to the machine itself, as well as structures, surrounding equipment, and manufactured products.
All machinery creates vibration during regular operation. Analyzing these vibrations allows the observation of individual machine frequencies to identify abnormalities. Trained inspectors can perform machine vibration monitoring on many types of machinery and equipment, including turbines, mills, mixers, air handlers, coolant pumps, gearboxes, conveyor drives, air compressors, electric motors, thermal oxidizers, cooling tower systems, and hydraulic pumps. Machine vibration monitoring is a fundamental part of verifying the mechanical integrity of machinery and preventing the need for emergency repairs that result in service interruptions.
Reliability Testing Services at Applied Technical Services
Reliability Testing Services, a subsidiary of Applied Technical Services, provides extensive machine vibration monitoring services that can help to avoid unexpected downtime due to equipment failures. Reliability Testing Services works to minimize client costs and safety risks while maximizing the value of our vibration monitoring services. We help clients increase their production opportunities using advanced predictive maintenance technologies, including:
Our team of certified vibration monitoring analysts consists of highly trained, experienced professionals who consistently provide the highest levels of service quality and satisfaction to our clients around the world. RTS utilizes innovative technologies to ensure reliable data that helps our clients continue their operations effectively without disruption. RTS also offers training services for clients with existing predictive maintenance programs, including courses on vibration certification, infrared thermography certification, AC/DC motor theory, and PdM program implementation for technicians of all experience levels.

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