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AGMA Standard Inspections
Reliability Testing Services offers AGMA 1010-F14 inspection services to help clients avoid gear damage and failures. Gears exhibit signs of wear and damage in numerous ways, depending on the root cause. RTS experts use the different failure modes outlined in ANSI/AGMA 1010-F14 as a basis for inspecting gears for various industries, including girth gears for kilns and mills. We can assess the equipment’s condition and evaluate any potential problems before gear failure occurs.
Our Gear Inspection Capabilities
RTS uses several technologies to assess equipment health. We determine the most efficient, cost-effective solution for each of our clients, depending on their particular needs. One method we use to evaluate gears is infrared thermography, a tool for visualizing equipment temperatures in real-time. Thermography is a nondestructive, noninvasive method for detecting even the slightest temperature differences. Areas with increased operating temperatures could indicate an underlying issue with the gears, such as improper alignment. RTS provides balancing and alignment services to help keep rotating machinery operating at optimum efficiency.
RTS can also perform oil analysis on the gear lubricant for detailed insight into the system’s health. Choosing the correct oil for gear lubrication is crucial to maintaining gear health. Oil analysis can also reveal signs of gear failure. Contamination from wear debris could indicate corrosion or surface degradation. RTS can detect potential gear flaws quickly and accurately using oil analysis.
We implement numerous inspection technologies through our predictive maintenance programs. Our experts work to satisfy different industries’ unique needs and devise an optimized inspection plan for each client. We prioritize cost savings and minimizing unexpected downtime for our clients.
Supplemental Services
If AGMA 1010-F14 gear inspections reach beyond the scope of predictive maintenance, other ATS services, such as nondestructive testing or failure analysis, are immediately available to our clients. Our diverse team of industrial testing and inspection experts sets us apart from other predictive maintenance companies. Our eddy current, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic testing services help identify surface and subsurface flaws in gears and related equipment.
Meeting Clients’ Needs
RTS understands that our clients need their critical equipment to function reliably and efficiently. We help customers avoid breakdowns and costly repairs while prioritizing safety and productivity. Our experts deliver clear, detailed, accurate reporting as quickly as possible so clients can make prompt, informed decisions. Clients may contact our experts at any point with additional questions.
If you could benefit from an AGMA 1010-F14 inspection, contact us today.

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