Pipe Weld Testing

ATS: Weld Testing Specialists
Applied Technical Services can manage all our clients’ specific weld testing needs, including pipe weld testing. We employ various experts, including certified weld inspectors, API inspectors, certified welders, ASNT-TC-1A certified NDT technicians, professional engineers, and chemists, to perform both mechanical and nondestructive weld testing. We can evaluate pipe and plate coupons according to numerous standards, such as MIL-STD, API, PED/EN, AWS, ASME, APS, and NAVSEA.
When to Request Weld Testing
Our mechanical weld testing capabilities allow ATS to test weld procedure and performance qualifications. We can perform these services as part of pre-employment screening processes or to provide proof and documentation that welders are qualified and able to weld according to standard or code requirements. Mechanical testing can also assist in material selection and collecting quality assurance data.
ATS offers several nondestructive forms of testing for detecting flaws without compromising weld integrity. Our nondestructive weld testing services benefit several industries, including infrastructure, medical, power generation, military, construction, automotive, nuclear, maritime, and aviation. Our versatile capabilities allow us to test all aspects of weld qualification.
Mechanical Pipe Weld Testing
ATS provides a full spectrum of mechanical weld testing to satisfy all our clients’ needs. We can perform tensile testing on full sections of small diameter pipes or prepare larger samples using our in-house machine shop. We also offer high-temperature tensile testing for a more thorough assessment of the weld’s qualities. We can also perform bend and break testing to check for porosity, lack of fusion, slag entrapment, and other welding problems. Load, impact, and hardness testing can also assist in determining weld ductility and strength.
Nondestructive Pipe Weld Testing
ATS offers several forms of nondestructive weld testing. Our experts conduct visual inspections to determine whether the weld meets the necessary specifications. Our weld inspectors check for cracks, uneven weld beads, undercuts, and underfill or excess weld material. Liquid penetrant testing can help inspectors locate any surface flaws such as cracking. Ultrasonic testing, radiography, and magnetic particle testing can look beneath the surface of the weld for porosity, cracking, and incomplete fusion, among other potential flaws.
Additional Testing Capabilities
We perform several additional forms of weld testing to develop a complete understanding of weld quality. Microanalysis and chemical analysis assess whether the weld complies with material standards. Macro etching evaluates the weld’s grain structure and checks for proper fusion. We also offer environmental testing, ferrite testing, and failure analysis services.
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Applied Technical Services is a leader in testing, inspections, and consulting engineering. Our expertise in weld testing benefits numerous industries. We offer quick, detailed, accurate reporting for all our services, and our certified experts remain available to clients for any questions.
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