A structural steel welder crouches to perform an overhead weld inside a large industrial pipe. Sparks arc across the surface of the pipe and illuminate the welder.

Structural Steel Welding Certification

The AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Certification endorses a welder’s ability to provide reliable welds of sound quality. In the construction industry, structural welders must deposit reliable welds that endure repeated stresses and strains. However, forming a clean weld is not enough, as some defects are not distinguishable through visual inspection alone.

If a weld joint or welded material breaks or bends, the consequences can range from component damage to catastrophic failure and loss of life. To enforce quality control and ensure a structure or product meets industry standards and legal codes, a manufacturing or construction company may employ a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) to assess the condition of components, such as:

Testing For Certification

Construction and manufacturing companies may require a potential hire to have proof of welding certification, such as the AWS Certified Welder certification. Welders can earn certification by testing at a designated AWS facility or through an employer. In both cases, the welder demonstrates their proficiency for a CWI or another qualified individual.

Along with laying a sound weld, the test also requires the welder to follow a specified welding protocol, standards, and other requirements a professional will encounter on the job. ATS provides the perfect venue for certification tests:

We also have qualified CWIs on staff who can observe the welder. This observation lasts from weld station setup and equipment calibration through the testing process that determines if the weld passes certification. This last stage involves a combination of visual inspection with nondestructive or destructive tests designed to quickly verify if the welder’s output can withstand the stresses and conditions required of professional-grade work.

Weld Testing Lab

The ATS weld testing lab has A2LA accreditation to perform a variety of destructive and nondestructive tests. Our team of expert welders, weld inspectors, metallurgists, chemists, and engineers regularly test weld coupons, materials, and welded components for defects and code compliance.

If a welder performs a certification test at our facility, we can assess the weld’s quality at the same convenient location for a quick turnaround time, letting clients know if the weld passes certification sooner.

Weld strength can relate to multiple factors along with welder proficiency, such as the composition of the joined materials and wire electrode. For additional testing, look no further than ATS’s other highly qualified labs:

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Tests and Inspections with ATS

ATS offers critical consulting engineering, calibrations, inspections, and testing services to industries nationwide. Since its founding in 1967, ATS has earned a reputation for reliable results and high-quality customer service. We owe our success to our experts’ dedication to timely results that comply with relevant standards and codes.

Over the years, we have built a Family of Companies to deliver more industrial services faster than before. Whether available for on-site inspections or laboratory testing, ATS’ staff will gladly provide thorough testing with innovative technologies.

Our lab is NADCAP accredited to perform Materials and Nondestructive testing and A2LA-accredited for:

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