Cross-sectional image of a weld during inspections services

Weld Inspections Services

Applied Technical Services offers a wide range of weld inspections services. Our team tests to many relevant industry standards, such as AWS, PED/EN, API, ASME, MIL-STD, NAVSEA, and AMS. Upon client request, we can provide non-destructive testing for failure prevention and quality control, chemical analysis for identification of alloys, and mechanical testing to evaluate weld integrity and performance. Additionally, ATS certifies welded pipe and plate coupons.
Non-Destructive Weld Testing
Our NDT laboratory provides non-destructive inspections that evaluate and analyze discontinuities and flaws of welds. The NDT experts at ATS have the capabilities to offer the following services:
Mechanical Weld Testing
Mechanical testing at Applied Technical Services can help clients evaluate the strength and integrity of a weld. Our mechanical testing team can perform the following tests:
Additional Weld Testing Capabilities
In addition to our wide array of previously stated weld inspection services, Applied Technical Services is capable of:
Welder Certification
Applied Technical Services additionally offers welding certification and qualification through the American Welding Society (AWS). We provide pipe and plate coupon tests to pre-screen potential employees, ensuring that they meet requirements applicable to your specific industry. Coupon testing is one the most comprehensive ways to prove a welder’s competency.
The ATS Quality Assurance
At ATS, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality service by adhering to our ISO-9001 certified quality management program. Applied Technical Services has been a leader in consulting, inspections, and testing services for more than 50 years. We serve clients from a wide array of industries, such as:
Our weld inspection experts have decades of combined experience delivering detailed, accurate results to clients in a timely manner. Contact ATS today for more information regarding weld inspections services. We take a closer look.

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