Technician using specialized equipment for weld qualification testing

Weld Qualification Testing

Applied Technical Services offers weld qualification testing for a variety of welding applications. Our team of expert weld qualification testers can accurately determine the skill level of prospective welders. ATS can test compliance with industry standards such as ASME, AMS, AWS, PED/NE, and API.
ATS’ Testing Facility
The testing facility at our company stays well-equipped with common coupons necessary for weld qualification testing. Our team of CWIs (certified welding inspectors) evaluates proper techniques according to appropriate standards and codes. We test an extensive range of weld types, such as groove and fillet welds. We can also assess horizontal, flat, overhead, and vertical plate or pipe positions. The testing team at ATS offers examinations for the following welding processes:
Our testing facility is also capable of providing weld qualification testing for a variety of industries, including:
Our Weld Testing and Inspection Services
In addition to providing weld qualification tests, Applied Technical Services offers numerous other weld testing capabilities. These tests allow our experts to evaluate weld strength and integrity with utmost scrutiny. We analyze for penetration, porosity, fusion, slag inclusions, and cracks, to name a few. Our team can apply nondestructive and mechanical tests to any weld coupon configuration. The nondestructive weld services we provide include:
Furthermore, our mechanical weld testing capabilities are:
A more comprehensive list of our weld testing capabilities can be found here.
Quality Assured at ATS
Applied Technical Services has over half a century of experience in inspection and testing services. Our company dedicates itself to providing high-quality customer service. Following our ISO-9001 certified corporate quality management program, our teams of experts offer reliable and accurate reporting with rapid turn-around times. Contact ATS today for assistance with your weld qualification testing needs.

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