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Hygrometer Calibration

Applied Technical Services offers a range of humidity calibration services, including hygrometer calibration. Our highly trained and certified staff can ensure that your hygrometer equipment delivers accurate results while complying with applicable codes and standards.
Businesses use hygrometers to measure the amount of humidity or Dew Point in the atmosphere. For instance, they can be used to monitor humidity in a manufacturing facility or lab where products need to be kept under specific conditions. More and more, industries are requiring environmental conditions be recorded at the time of test. Unfortunately, even the best hygrometers can begin to lose their accuracy through contamination and aging. Annual hygrometer calibration can assure that your instruments continue to deliver valid results that are within tolerance.
Our calibrations lab services all types of hygrometers from a range of manufacturers, including:

Online Records

iPortal is a secure web platform that hosts all of your calibration records in one place. Instantly access future calibration recall dates, history, assets, and certificates – anywhere, anytime.

Our Quality Assurance

All of our calibration services are backed by our ISO certified quality program, and all data generated in our lab is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We are committed to working with integrity, professionalism, and established scientific principles.

ATS Calibration Services
Applied Technical Services offers superior testing, inspection, and calibration services and has been proudly serving clients for over 50 years. We understand the vital role of calibration in maintaining valid measurement data. Hygrometer calibration is just one of the many services we offer!
If you are searching for a prompt and thorough hygrometer calibration service, contact us today. We offer helpful client support, timely turnaround, and detailed reporting. ATS – We take a closer look!

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