Magnaflux Conductivity Meter Calibrations

Applied Technical Services provides MagnaFlux Conductivity Meter Calibrations. MagnaFlux is a manufacturer of a wide variety of tools and accessories with one being conductivity meters. To maintain the accuracy of the meter’s measurements it is often recommended to have them calibrated.

ATS Calibration

One of the many Labs within ATS is our ISO 17025 accredited calibrations lab, which performs MagnaFlux Conductivity Meter Calibrations. Along with conductivity meters, our labs perform calibration services on check standards. ATS employees are experienced and skilled experts who are familiar with applicable industry standards.

Calibration Labs at ATS Consist Of: 

About Us

For over 50 years we have been providing services to clients nationally and internationally. We deliver services such as testing, inspections, analysis, investigations, and calibrations.

Industries Served: 

High Quality Services

ATS knows clients seek a trusted partner when pursuing a testing provider. We have a Quality Assurance Department which makes sure that each department delivers services of high quality by meeting objectives through defined processes, certifications, and accreditations.

Additional Conductivity Meter Manufacturers that are Calibrated at ATS:

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