Nortec Conductivity Meter Calibrations

Applied Technical Services (ATS) performs Nortec Conductivity Meter Calibrations. Nortec manufactures portable meters that are designed to provide the user with accurate measurements of eddy currents even in the harshest working conditions. To maintain the tool’s performance, it is essential to receive regular calibrations.

Calibrations Department

Here at ATS, we have a 17025 accredited calibrations lab that performs Nortec Conductivity Meter Calibrations. We realize that many industries depend on accurate measurements from their tools. Our lab experts are experienced with these industries and the standards that apply to them. In addition to our capability of calibrating your conductivity meters, we can calibrate check standards.

ATS’ Calibration Labs Include: 

About ATS

ATS has built an impressive reputation for providing clients with high-quality testing, inspections, analysis, investigations, and calibrations for over 50 years now. Our company delivers services to clients nationally and internationally. We serve the following industries:

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