Hocking Conductivity Meter Calibrations

Verimation Conductivity Meter Calibrations

Verimation Conductivity Meter Calibrations are offered at Applied Technical Services (ATS). The Verimation manufacturers are known for their dependability and precision, while being simple and rugged. To sustain the accuracy of the measurements these meters provide, it is essential to have them calibrated.

Our ISO 17025 accredited calibrations lab can perform Verimation Conductivity Meter Calibrations. Conductivity meters are used in many industries which include: aerospace, metals processing, casting, maintenance, and quality assurance. In the before mentioned industries, it is vital to have accurate measurements to ensure that your company is providing quality products. Our lab experts, within the calibrations department, are familiar with the equipment used in these fields and the standards associated with the various industries.

Calibration labs consist of:

Applied Technical Services

ATS has been delivering services in the fields of testing, inspections, analysis, investigations and calibrations for over 50 years. We have built an admirable reputation for providing high quality services with unmatched value. Our clients range nationally and internationally. The following are the industries we serve:

Quality Services

At ATS, we recognize the importance of an established and accredited quality system. Our Quality Assurance Department oversees that our services are in compliance with the applicable standards and are meeting measurable objectives through defined processes, certifications, and accreditations.

Quality Standards

Additional Conductivity Brands Calibrated by ATS:

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