Wind Speed Calibration

Applied Technical Services offers high precision wind speed calibration services to help clients ensure their anemometers and other wind speed indicators are performing satisfactorily. As the need for renewable energy sources increases, so does the need for dependable measurement tools. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is fully equipped with powerful machinery that enables our experts to calibrate a wide range of hot wire, vane, pitot tube, propeller, and ultrasonic anemometers traceable to NIST. Our standard turnaround time for calibration orders is 5-7 days with expedited service available for an additional fee.

ATS' Experienced Calibration Experts
ATS’ experienced staff utilize custom fabricated wind tunnels to meet a wide variety of wind velocity calibration needs. Our laboratory houses wind tunnel models of various sizes, capable of testing calibration at both high and low speeds, as well as evaluating wind direction. Our professional technicians administer calibrations in the range of 2.5 mps to 35 mps. Our new Eiffel-type calibration wind tunnel also exhibits an increased measurement accuracy level of ±0.6%, vs. the typical ±1%. We carefully examine each calculation against either manufacturer specifications or specifications requested by the end user. Our experts also conduct thorough inspections of wind vane anemometers to detect any chips, burs, or cracks in the vane blade.
Serving Clients In Many Industries
ATS professionals have experience working with diverse client needs. Common industries served include:

Since 1987, ATS has established itself among the world’s leading providers of timely and competitively priced calibrations. We take pride in being at the forefront of innovative technological advancements. With wind energy technology gaining increasingly more acceptance as a cost-effective alternative to other sources of energy, we continue to embrace it and grow our stake in the wind speed calibration field. Our calibration team aims to provide the highest standard of service and surpass all client expectations through the continuous pursuit of quality improvement.

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