Thermal Shock Resistance Testing

Applied Technical Services performs thermal shock resistance testing to an assortment of industry standards. We can use this method to help clients discover their products’ thermal failure points. Matter expands and contracts when exposed to heat and cold. The rates at which they undergo this expansion or contraction will, like other thermal properties, vary between materials. Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause objects to suffer a type of structural trauma called thermal shock. It occurs when strain caused by the surface of the object expanding or contracting at a different rate than its internal parts overwhelms the tensile strength of the surface material. Releasing that stress could undermine the integrity of the product.
Thermal shock usually presents itself as a crack that grows if ignored, which can lead to serious structural failure. Electronic devices and equipment made of multiple component materials are especially susceptible to thermal shock, as the different components undergo thermal expansion at different rates. To establish their products’ resistance to thermal shock, manufacturers send test samples to Applied Technical Services for thermal shock resistance testing. Our technicians can discover your product’s failure point and whether there is a thermal coefficient mismatch between its constituent materials.
About the Method
To perform thermal shock resistance testing, ATS technicians place the test article in a unit specialized to induce thermal shock by exposing sample materials to rapidly changing temperatures for a pre-determined number of cycles. The unit features a moving basket to quickly move test subjects between its two chambers, one hot and one cold. Our equipment can generate temperatures anywhere between -60°C and 170°C, subjecting the sample to conditions as severe as the client may need their product to withstand.

Specific conditions will vary; unless the client requests that we perform this test to an existing standard, individual product needs will dictate the temperature range and the number of cycles applied to the sample. ATS’ technicians are experienced in performing the method to all sorts of specifications and all relevant standards. Clients may have to make design changes to their equipment and materials of construction depending on the nature of our findings.

ATS & Thermal Shock Resistance

For over 50 years, ATS has provided testing, engineering consulting, and inspection services of a sterling caliber. Our satisfied clients come from a wide range of industries and have operations all over the world. We pride ourselves in returning accurate findings promptly, a product of our roster of expert technicians and collection of powerful equipment. No matter the severity of conditions your product needs to survive, ATS can help you determine its resistance to failure from thermal shock.

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