RTCA DO-160 4.0 Temperature and Altitude Testing Lab

RTCA DO-160 5.0 Temperature Variation Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services offers a broad range of temperature variation testing and analysis services in our RTCA DO-160 5.0 Temperature Variation Testing Lab.
Temperature Variation Testing
RTCA DO-160 Section 5.0 testing verifies the performance characteristics of equipment when exposed to the extreme temperature variations that occur in its standard operating environment. This applies to an aircraft’s internal and external equipment located in temperature-controlled and uncontrolled environments, pressurized and unpressurized environments, and locations with partial levels of temperature control and pressurization. Temperature variation testing includes temperature change rates of 2 degrees Celsius per minute, 5 degrees Celsius per minute, 10 degrees Celsius per minute, and greater than 10 degrees Celsius per minute. RTCA DO-160 Section 5.0 is not meant to monitor the behavior of aircraft equipment in wet or icing conditions and temperature testing chambers used during these testing procedures may minimize or eliminate humidity conditions accordingly.
As an RTCA DO-160 5.0 Temperature Variation Testing Lab, ATS performs testing in compliance with the RTCA’s aircraft equipment standards. These standards must be adhered to by all aircraft manufacturers to maintain industry compliance.
Additional RTCA DO-160 Testing and Analysis Services
Applied Technical Services offers several testing services in compliance with RTCA DO-160 standards, including but not limited to:
Industry Standards at ATS
Applied Technical Services conducts testing and analysis procedures in compliance with many different standards, including but not limited to standards set by the following entities and organizations:
Our Temperature Testing Capabilities
In addition to RTCA DO-160 Section 5.0 Temperature Variation Testing, ATS offers thermal testing and analysis services including but not limited to:
Industries Served
Applied Technical Services’ clients include some of the most prestigious companies in several different industries, including but not limited to:
Quality Assurance at ATS: We Take a Closer Look
Here at Applied Technical Services, our highly trained testing experts take a closer look. ATS’ extensive quality assurance program establishes accountability at every level of our organization to ensure that our clients will receive the highest quality of service possible, regardless of the type of service required. Every department, location, and ATS family company adheres to this internationally recognized program, providing consistency throughout our expansive service network. Our testing experts, chemists, and technicians work diligently to prioritize the needs of all our customers because we know they value our dedication to timeliness, precision, and quality.
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