Technicians perform thermal cycling testing

Thermal Cycling Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts thermal cycling testing by exposing products, materials, and equipment to extreme temperatures to analyze durability and functionality.
Testing Method

Thermal cycling, or temperature testing, is performed by placing the test subject in a thermal chamber that exposes the object to cycles of high and low temperatures over time. Minimum and maximum temperatures ranging between -60°C and 170°C are set by our thermal cycling technicians, depending on the object’s intended functionality, standard operating environment, and the applicable industry standard. Our thermal cycling lab is capable of temperature ramp rates of 7.5°C per minute and can accommodate test subjects of varying sizes up to 14 ft. x 10 ft. x 11 ft. Thermal cycling and temperature testing helps clients in pre-production manufacturing stages or in failure analysis following an incident.

Thermal Cycling Standards
Applied Technical Services conducts thermal cyclingin accordance with client-requested specifications as well as the following standards:
ATS’ Thermal Cycling Lab
The ATS thermal cycling lab features the following capabilities:
Thermal Cycling Applications
Common applications for thermal cycling and temperature testing include:
Applied Technical Services
With over five decades of industrial testing experience, Applied Technical Services is the nation’s leading temperature testing provider. Our ISO 17025 accredited, ISO 9001 certified thermal cycling lab is staffed by highly trained experts who adhere to our rigorous quality assurance program to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. These technicians are experienced with all applicable industry standards as well as conducting thermal testing in accordance with custom client parameters. Contact the industrial testing leaders at ATS today to request a free quote for thermal cycling testing services.

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