Liquid Penetrant Testing

NDT Liquid Penetrant Testing Services

One of the most popular inspection methods Applied Technical Services (ATS) provides is liquid penetrant testing (PT). Many of our customers request this method because it is highly sensitivity to small surface flaws and discontinuities. It also can be used on a wide variety of shapes and materials ranging from metals, plastics, and rubbers. PT is a cost effective approach to rapidly inspect large objects or a high quantity of items.

ATS is capable of detecting common and uncommon discontinuities open to the material’s surface. Some of the most common discoveries are fatigue cracks, grinding cracks, overload and impact fractures, forging laps or seams, and weld discontinuities.

Our certified staff of NDT professionals provide quality inspection services for a broad range of industries throughout the US and abroad. We offer PT services in our laboratories, field locations and/or customer premises. If you need liquid penetrant testing, contact ATS today.

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