Magnetic Particle Inspection

Applied Technical Services provides magnetic particle inspection as a method of nondestructive testing. Also known as MPI, magnetic particle inspections are used for detecting surface and near-surface discontinuities. Our technicians are able to detect flaws in ferromagnetic materials by inducing a magnetic field directly or indirectly into a component. Many of the methods used are dry particle and wet suspension while applying continuous and residual magnetization. Magnetic particle inspection is one of the most cost-effective inspection methods used and, furthermore, offers a short turn-around time.

Our certified staff of NDT professionals provides quality MT services to a broad range of industries throughout the US and abroad. We can perform Magnetic Particle Testing in our laboratories, field locations, and customer premises.
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Applied Technical Services has provided non-destructive testing and inspection services for over 50 years. We maintain a reputation of excellence by constantly working to improve the client experience. Our customer service ambassadors connect clients directly to relevant experts who can devise solutions to their problems. Our experts deliver clear, detailed reporting as quickly as possible, ensuring clients have all the information they need.
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