Visual Testing

ATS NDT's World Class Visual Testing Services

Applied Technical Services (ATS) provides NDT Visual Testing for a wide variety of materials and product types. Our highly skilled examiners are thoroughly trained in advance techniques to determine and interpret visible surface imperfections. In addition to visual inspections we are capable of using computer controlled imaging systems for measuring or inspecting components.

Visual testing offers a vast range of options to evaluate proper systems or product quality utilizing effective techniques for detection of surface flaws and discontinuities. Our quantified results are achieved with the use of advanced tools such as templates, displacement and depth gauges.
Our certified staff of NDT professionals provides quality inspection services to a broad range of industries throughout the US and abroad. Visual Testing services are offered in our laboratories, field locations and/or customer premises.
Common Inspections:
Commonly Tested Materials:
  • Tanks
  • Studs
  • Decking
Common Observations:
  • Improper Weld Height
  • Suck Back
  • Undercut
  • Surface Porosity
  • Surface Cracks
  • Corrosion
Typical Applications of VT:
  • Welder Qualifications
  • Welding Procedures
  • Tank Inspections per API 653 or 1104
  • Stud Inspection per AWS D1.1/AISC
  • Decking Inspection per AWS D1.3
  • Bolt Torque Inspection per AISC

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