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A Leader Among Pipeline Inspection Companies

Before your company buries that pipe make sure that you have had the most accurate pipeline inspection available. Validating the quality of the welds and moving forward with the project insures your company’s ability to be efficient and profitable on each pipeline project. Our Level II and Level III pipeline inspectors will help ensure these results. Periodic pipeline inspections are also a necessity of the pipeline industry and ATS has the expertise and equipment to handle all of your inspection requests.

Through Pipeline Inspections you can:
  • Avoid costly leaks
  • Avoid environmental disasters
  • Detect cracking
  • Detect manufacturing flaws
  • Detect internal and external corrosion

Preventive maintenance and periodic inspections will extend the life of the pipeline and save on costly repairs and accidents. The methods for pipeline inspection include visual, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and x-ray. All pipeline inspections are performed per regulated codes and standards.

With 24 locations in the United States we can quickly assemble crews to service your pipeline inspection needs. Give us a call and we’ll show you why so many companies trust us for their pipeline inspections.

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