UT Testing

UT Testing: A Powerful NDT Method

Applied Technical Services provides UT Testing in detecting discontinuities, material characterization, and dimensional depth and/or overall measurements. In utilizing UT Testing it is important to detect flaws for identifying material integrity during the inspection as it is imperative for having considerable penetration depth for determining subsurface flaws. Our advanced UT Testing equipment is acutely precise in finding flaw location and size and shape characteristics. In most circumstances, it is only required to have access from one side while our technicians are able to perform the inspection and obtain quick results. Additionally, ATS offers more specialized types of ultrasonic testing with ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT) and phased array (PAUT) for supplementary nondestructive testing services.

In material fabrication and processes it is vital to employ ultrasonic testing procedures to reveal common and uncommon discontinuities. Our NDT technicians are experienced in detecting flaws found in continuous castings, forgings, composites, billets, ingots, bars and rods, plates and sheets, pipes and tubular forms, and welds.

All of ATS’ certified NDT technicians perform the highest-quality inspection services across an expansive range of industries nationally and globally as we conscientiously accommodate our clients with either field testing or employing our in-house NDT lab for a complete and diverse testing facility.

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