Applied Technical Services offers a comprehensive list of mechanical testing services. Our well-equipped in-house machine shop provides timely preparation of test specimens or any special fixturing that may be required for special test set-ups. Furthermore, ATS’ experienced mechanical testing staff can help clients design custom testing programs to evaluate their products.
The Science Behind Mechanical Testing
The goal of mechanical testing is to evaluate the properties of materials as they are subjected to physical stresses and pressures. Through this process, we can pinpoint the location and source of weak points which develop plastic deformation, fractures, and cracks that can lead to structural failure.
ATS offers an extensive range of mechanical tests – including some of the most frequently requested test types listed below:

Fatigue Testing

Tests resistance to cyclic loading under various frequencies, loads, and environmental conditions. Fatigue tests are usually conducted to determine the number of cycles to failure.

Hardness Testing

Determines a material’s resistance to indentation. Hardness testing measures the indentation’s permanent depth while using a predetermined force and indenter. A variety of scales, each representing a specific indenter type and load combination, are used.

Tensile Testing

Measures tensile strength by applying load in opposite directions at certain amounts. This test is usually performed to failure, depending on the standard. Other properties measurable by tensile testing include yield strength, percent elongation, and reduction of area.

Impact Testing

The two main types of impact tests are Charpy and Izod; where Charpy mainly evaluates metallic materials and Izod primarily tests plastics. These methods assess impact properties such as toughness, ductility, and brittleness by using a pendulum type striker to swing and strike the material. The energy absorbed by the samples are measured to evaluate material toughness. Tests can also be conducted at various temperatures to evaluate influence of service environment on material behavior.

ATS – Your Preferred Testing Service Provider

Whether it is life cycle testing of playground slides or performance testing of automotive steering pumps, ATS has the experience and capabilities to satisfy your needs. Our lab holds ISO 17025 (A2LA) accreditations for a variety of mechanical tests.

Contact ATS today for more information on our mechanical testing capabilities. Each service is complemented by detailed reports, quick turnaround times, and helpful client support. ATS – We take a closer look!

Mechanical Testing Capabilities

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