Applied Technical Services performs drop weight testing for clients looking to determine the nil-ductility transition (NDT) temperature of ferritic steels. The drop weight test (also known as the Pellini Test) was developed in 1952 by the Naval Research Laboratory and is currently standardized in ASTM E208. At the NDT temperature, the fracture mode of steel changes from ductile to brittle. When temperatures are above the NDT, a piece of steel containing a flaw will stretch or deform in a ductile manner when loaded to its yield strength. At temperatures below the NDT however, the same piece of steel will fracture in a brittle manner.

Because of damage costs and hazards associated with brittle fractures, companies rely on drop weight tests to discover the NDT of steel materials utilized in critical applications such as in manufacturing of ships and pressure vessels. During these ASTM method E208 tests, rectangular specimens with a notched, crack-starter weld bead on their tension surfaces are subjected to impact loads using a free-falling drop weight test system. Multiple specimens are tested at a range of different temperatures to determine the maximum temperature at which a specimen breaks, allowing for the NDT temperature of the steel to be measured.

Our Drop Weight Testing Capabilities

ATS’ drop weight tests are performed by our skilled mechanical testing lab personnel, who operates specialized equipment to deliver accurate results. Our tests follow the ASTM standard E208, which is used to discover the NDT temperature of ferritic steels 5/8 inches thick (15.9 mm) and over.

Applied Technical Services – A Reliable Testing Provider

For over 50 years, ATS has provided customers in business and industry professions with reliable tests, consulting engineering, and inspections. The scope of our services includes Materials Testing, Metallurgy, Nondestructive Testing, Forensic Investigations, and Chemical Analysis. We work with clients in the fields of aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, manufacturing, nuclear energy and power generation.

ATS Labs and Lab Experts Deliver Quality Assurance

At ATS, we maintain a wide range of recognized accreditations and certifications in the industries we serve, and continuously pursue excellence through our ISO 9001 registered quality management system. We employ a variety of skilled experts — including well-trained technicians, investigators, chemists, scientists, metallurgists, and Professional Engineers of various disciplines. ATS’ accreditations and certifications include ISO 9001-2015, Nadcap, recognition as an FAA Repair Station, and many more.

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