Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing
The Cause and Risks of Hydrogen Embrittlement

Applied Technical Services (ATS) offers Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing along with a wide variety of other mechanical testing services. Our technicians use this method to aid in detecting possible hydrogen exposure of parts during the manufacturing process. Hydrogen embrittlement (HE) is a permanent loss of ductility in a metal or alloy that can lead to premature failures caused by the absorption of hydrogen in combination with stress, either externally applied or internal residual stress.

Parts that undergo surface preparation, pretreatments and plating/coating processes involving acidic environments containing hydrogen have a higher risk of becoming brittle if not properly manufactured. Compromised parts become even more susceptible to failures when exposed to in service environmental hazards like fluids, cleaning treatments, and maintenance chemicals.

ATS' Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing Capabilities

Our extensive Hydrogen Embrittlement testing services here at Applied Technical Services has a wide variety of capabilities. We have many hydrogen embrittlement machines running on a daily basis. Our familiarity with numerous test methods, and material properties help define acceptance criteria for coating and plating processes that can cause hydrogen embrittlement in steels. Constant exposure to chemicals encountered in the environments, like cleaning treatments or maintenance chemicals that come in contact with the metal, can also be evaluated for hydrogen embrittlement. ATS is capable of conducting Hydrogen Embrittlement testing per standard methods that are used by many in the aerospace, automotive and construction industries.

Common HE Testing Standards:
ATS' Commitment to Quality

ATS’ fully accredited labs have earned an excellent reputation in many industries and are known for their accurate testing, detailed reports, and timely turn-arounds. Our engineers and lab experts are continually trained and held accountable to a stringent quality assurance program. Our quality management practices have been audited to recognized quality system standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.

For over 50 years we have established ourselves as leaders in the mechanical and materials testing industry by keeping up with the latest testing trends, standards and technologies. Currently, our Corporate Office and Super Lab consisting of 154,000 sq. ft. of space allows us to continually add technically advanced equipment and testing capabilities to ensure we meet our client’s demands.

Services Offered in the Mechanical Lab:

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